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What's in our Veg Box?

This week's boxes contain:

From 10 December 2017

S (Small), M (Medium), L (Large), O (Organic), BD (Biodynamic)

(O) Organic, (BD) Biodynamic

English Purple Carrots (O) (S,M,L)

English Onions (O) (S,M,L)

Fennel (S,M,L)

Local Green Kale (BD) (S,M,L)

English Leeks (S,M,L)

English Sprout Tops (S,M,L)

English Celeriac (M,L)

English Parsnips (M,L)

Sweet Potatoes (M,L)

English Swede (O) (L)

Courgette (L)

English Red Cabbage (O) (L)



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