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What's in our Veg Box?

This week's boxes contain:

From 22nd April 2018

S (Small), M (Medium), L (Large), O (Organic), BD (Biodynamic)

(O) Organic, (BD) Biodynamic

Local Bunched Rainbow Chard (S,M,L)

Local Piccolo Tomatoes (S,M,L)

Local Baby Turnips (S,M,L)

Sweet Potatoes (S,M,L)

Celery (S,M,L)

English Leeks (S,M,L)

Aubergine (M,L)

Local Golden Wonder Potatoes (M,L)

English Onions (M,L)

Local Baby Leeks (L)

Bunched Beetroot (L)

English Carrots (L)





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