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Turkey Crown, Dry Aged, Outdoor Reared Free Range Sussex White *SERVES APPROX 12-13* 8-9kg (approx 20lb)

Price: £114.00 each

 Turkey Crown (Butchered and supplied with legs for you to use separately) - Boxed and with giblets for gravy.

Free range White turkey from Holmansbridge Farm in Barcombe. 

Approximate weight:  The crown itself will feed around 12-13 people with plenty left for Boxing Day.

Hand reared, outdoors on the farm and left to grow slowly.  Free to roam and are fed naturally with a balanced diet, rich in oats, that contain no growth promoting additives.

Prepared traditionally and all on the same farm - which means hand-plucked and dressed, as they have been for three generations of Holmansbridge farmers.  The birds are dry-hung for a richer, fuller flavour.

If you are ordering for Christmas dinner then we are delivering Saturday 23rd December.  Ask us for further information about delivery dates.

Select 'Saturday 23rd December' at checkout - or another usual delivery day if required before that.

Please note we are closed between Christmas and New Year so there won't be any deliveries until 4th January 2017.


Buying Guide with plenty left to spare for the following day

4-5kg (11lb) - up to 4-5 people

5-6kg (13lb) - up to 6-7 people

6-7kg (15.5lbs) - up to 8-9 people

7-8kg (17.5lbs) - up to 10-11 people

8-9kg (20lbs) - up to 12-13 people

9-10kg (22lbs) - up to 14-15 people