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Luxury 5 Cheeseboard with Honey, Chutney & Crackers

Price: £46.00 each


Five delicious cheeses for your cheeseboard along with Brighton and Hove Raw Honey, Christmas Chutney, Dark Sussex Alberts and Charcoal Wafers.

These are our best sellers and a great favourite with customers.

Sussex Blue (300g): Smooth and creamy hard cheese with small blue veins and a natural rind which gives a mild creamy blue flavour.

Sussex Brie (130g):  Creamy and rich - a delightful cheese which is best served slightly warm for the fullest flavour.  This will mature if kept in the fridge.

Burwash Rose (200g):  An Epoisse style cheese - soft textured and strongly aromatic with a rosewater washed rind.  

Little Sussex (80-100g):  A smooth and fresh goat's cheese with a soft, creamy flavour.

Idle Hour (300g):  A natural rind cheese with a light yellow colour.  Has a short crumbly texture and lemon piquant taste.  An old traditional recipe now brought back with a contempory twist.

Brighton and Hove Honey - A runny honey which has a rich golden colour and an almost hint of a smoky flavour - a little citrussy - perfect for spooning over blue cheese.

Christmas Chutney - A beautiful, tangy and spicy chutney from Perfectly Preserved.

Charcoal Wafers - Handbaked wafers made from 100% unbleached stoneground wholemeal flour, milled in England. Suitable for vegetarians.

Sussex Alberts - Dark, spiced biscuits made with Sussex linseed and molasses.  Perfect for blue and mature cheeses.

All cheeses are pasteurised and vegetarian.

Not including board, knife, wine or fruit.