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3 Sussex Cheese Cheeseboard Pack

Price: £14.80 each

Three delicious cheeses for your cheeseboard.

These are our best sellers and a great favourite with customers.

Sussex Blue (300g): Smooth and creamy hard cheese with small blue veins and a natural rind which gives a mild creamy blue flavour.

Sussex Brie (130g):  Creamy and rich - a delightful cheese which is best served slightly warm for the fullest flavour.  This will mature if kept in the fridge.

Sussex Charmer (200g): A hand-made natural rind, hard cheese with a creamy clean taste and pale straw colour. This is an old cheese recipe brought back with a slight twist to give a piquant lemon hint to cheese. This is such an easy eating cheese for all the family, whether on the cheese board, in your salad or cooking.

All cheeses are pasteurised and vegetarian.

Cheese only - not including other items.

Important:  If you would like to receive cheese by post (if you are out of our DELIVERY AREA then please also select a POSTAL PACK.

1-2 pieces of cheese, please select Royal Mail up to 1kg