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Olde Sussex, The Traditional Cheese Dairy (300g)

Brand: Traditional Cheese Dairy
Price: £8.24 each

The award-winning Olde Sussex is a traditional hard British farmhouse cheese, made with raw British Frisian cows’ milk. Although a hard cheese, it has an open and bouncy texture and is superbly butter-rich in colour. At the dairy, it is gently rub and turned every other day to encourage a light crust to develop, which over the course of the four-month maturation period develops into a grey to mid-blue natural rind with a wonderfully earthy flavour.

The Traditional Cheese Dairy is based in Stonegate, East Sussex and uses raw grass-fed milk from neighbouring Lulling's Farm in Cuckfield for this excellent cheddar.  A family run business, they have been refining and adapting traditional cheesemaking methods to produce their fabulous selection since they started their business in 2002.

Olde Sussex is unpasteurised and vegetarian.

Important:  If you would like to receive cheese by post (if you are out of our DELIVERY AREA then please also select a POSTAL PACK.

1-2 pieces of cheese, please select Royal Mail up to 1kg