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Sussex Blue Wedge, Alsop & Walker (300g)

Brand: Alsop and Walker
Price: £8.04 each

Sussex Blue cheese - 300g wedge.

A hand made cheese from the Bestbier Cheese Factory in East Sussex. Smooth and creamy hard cheese with small blue veins and a natural rind which gives a mild creamy blue flavour.

Alsop and Walker are Arthur Alsop and Nicholas Walker, who specialise in making a delightful range of artisan cheeses from their farm in Mayfield, East Sussex.

For a cheese board allow 150g per person.

Pasteurised and vegetarian.

Important:  If you would like to receive cheese by post (if you are out of our DELIVERY AREA then please also select a POSTAL PACK.

1-2 pieces of cheese, please select Royal Mail up to 1kg