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Butter, roll salted, Southdowns (200g)

Price: £3.50 each

Southdowns butter is made in the traditional way using top quality cream for a golden coloured butter with a gorgeous creamy flavour.

 Most butter on the market today is produced by a continuous butter maker, which basically forces the cream into butter within a matter of minutes. This procedure enables butter to be made quickly but lacks taste.

With Southdowns butter, however, the cream is aged for three days before it is churned using traditional methods. Once churned, it is washed with ice cold water, after which it is rolled to remove any moisture. It is then extruded into rolls and hand packed into traditional paper wraps.

South Downs Butter has won numerous awards, including Great Taste Awards Gold six years in a row.

Southdowns is made by Bookham Harrison partners - Passionate about farming from an early age, Rob Bookham studied Agriculture at Plumpton College, under the South Downs near Lewes and Brighton. He soon developed an interest in farm diversification, which led him to forge links with an Italian family who owned an estate in mid Sussex. He became closely involved with their Vegetarian Parmesan production, going on to manage the Twineham Grange Estate. Rob was a pioneer in the late 90's of Farmers' Markets in the Southeast. He is deeply committed to working with other producers in sustaining British Agriculture.