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Firebird Fireweisse Wheat Beer (5.0% ABV) 330ml x 6 pack

Price: £11.34 each

Firebird Fireweisse Beer 330ml 5.0% ABV

A crisp, fruity and spicy wheat beer

Fireweisse remains true to the Munich tradition of Weisse and uses a combination of a complex mashing process, a light touch of German Hersbrucker hops and natural bottle conditioning to create a wonderfully complex beer with aromas of fruit and spices, a sharp taste and a beautifully creamy mouthfeel. This beer contains yeast and is supposed to be cloudy. Fantastic on its own but also brilliantly accompanies pretzels, dried and roasted meats. See the perfect Fireweisse pour here.

Firebird Brewery is from Rudgewick near Horsham and is owned by Richard and Bill who are both master brewers with many years of experience of brewing and drinking fine beer.