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Long Man Brewery Old Man (4.3% ABV) 500ml x 3 pack

Price: £7.45 each

Long Man Old Man Beer 4.3% ABV

A dark, chocolatey, hoppy beer.

This original dark beer has soft malt notes of coffee and chocolate that combine with a pleasant light hoppiness to create a rich, full tasting Old Ale of times gone by.

Long Man Brewery are not trying to reinvent the wheel but brew great beer with consistent high quality.  The beers are inspired by a desire to create the kind of ales that Stephen and Jamie, the brewers, like to drink themselves.Their brewery is still relatively young, but a taste of our six award winning beers may well lead you to think otherwise. Their commitment to using the very best locally sourced ingredients is second to none. The Spring Barley used in our beers is grown on the farm and they strive to source everything they can (even their workforce) from within the Cuckmere Valley.