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Firebird Bohemia Pilsner Beer (4.8% ABV) 330ml x 3 pack

Price: £5.40 each

Firebird Bohemia Czech Style Pilsner 330ml

A crisp, floral and spicy beer.

The town of Plzen in Bohemia (now in the Czech Republic) is where modern lager beers were born. Back in 1842 Joseph Grolle, a German living in Plzen, first used bottom fermenting yeast and pale malt to produce beer lighter and more refined than anything else available at the time. The rest is history, but sadly many so-called Pilsners bear no resemblance to Joseph’s original, flavoursome but refined creation. Firebird Bohemia Pilsner is true to this style and combines a long, cool fermentation and maturation with traditional malt and Czech Saaz and Amethyst hops to produce a crisp malty flavour and a spicy floral aroma. Enjoy this beer on its own or with spicy foods, battered fish or any bread or pasta based dishes.

Firebird Brewery is from Rudgewick near Horsham and is owned by Richard and Bill who are both master brewers with many years of experience of brewing and drinking fine beer.