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Firebird Old Ale Craft Beer (4.5% ABV) 500ml x 12 pack

Price: £27.30 each

Firebird Old Ale Craft Beer 500ml 4.5% ABV.

A warming, chocolatey, smokey beer

Firebird Brewery is from Rudgewick near Horsham and is owned by Richard and Bill who are both master brewers with many years of experience of brewing and drinking fine beer.

This is Firebird's take on what’s become a Sussex tradition ever since the now passed King and Barnes first brewed it three generations ago. Brewed with a unique range of malts, including roasted carafa, and primed with a small amount of molasses, this is a dark warming beer full of character. Slightly sweet with hints of roasted chocolate, it has a smooth mouth feel and a lingering but subtle bitterness. Great on its own but will accompany smoked or strong cheese or smoked fish.