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Delivery Information



Don't worry if you place an order and then think of more items.  Just do a fresh order and we will collate at the end and deliver all together (any extra automatic delivery charges will be refunded).

Brighton, Hove & Lewes

Delivery days are Tuesday and Thursday to Brighton, Hove and Lewes.
(unless by special arrangement*)

All orders must be received by:

11.30am Monday for Tuesday delivery

11.30am Wednesday for Thursday delivery

Some items are available only on a Thursday delivery.  Please check the newsletter price list or website for information.


Worthing, Lancing & Shoreham

 Delivering Tuesday afternoon/evening to Worthing (unless by special arrangement*).

All orders are online and must be made by:

11.30am Monday for Tuesday delivery


Order info!

Please make sure all orders are placed on time, as lots of produce is picked fresh to order and farmers need time to plan this in their day.

We don't have a minimum order but there is a delivery charge for orders under £12.00 (see below).

*Large catering or wedding deliveries are made other days by special arrangement.


Delivery Charges

All deliveries in our catchment area over £12.00 are free of charge.

All deliveries in the area under £12.00 have a delivery charge of £1.50.

Orders that are to be posted or are out of the delivery area are by special arrangement and we will tell you how much postage or delivery will be.


If you are out

We are happy to leave your delivery wherever you ask us to.  If you have ordered meat or dairy then please leave us a cool-box with chiller packs if you are going to be out.  If you prefer, then we are happy quote to use Woolcool packs.



Payment can be accepted on our website.