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Who we are

In January 2009, Nick and Muir started Fin and Farm and were joined by Jim in June 2010 – and are known all around the farms and food scene of Brighton, Hove and Lewes.

At first, we only delivered to commercial kitchens.  But, as our produce has always been popular with friends, in 2011 we started home deliveries as well.

A love of good food was the best reason to start Fin and Farm.  But we also believe that keeping things local as far as possible is the right thing to do.  Not just because the food is fresher and has a smaller carbon footprint; but working as part of the local community is equally important so we can all do our bit to support local producers in our own region. 

We have always worked on the principle that it is possible to supply our customers the best produce we can find and charge sensible prices.

To do this, we keep everything as simple as possible – so no frills!  Keeping our customer costs down is essential, so we don’t use special boxes or packaging. Our boxes come from the farms and we fill them to deliver to you.  When you return the boxes to us, we take them back to the farms to use again.

Our veg boxes are thought out each week to be as useful as possible and give as much variety as we can provide seasonally. 

Happy customers are important to us – so if you ever have questions about produce , timings...or need special cuts of meat or advice, then just ask  – we are always contactable on our mobile or email.